Exploding With Ideas!

One of my “bubblers” was sewing. I LOVE to sew!! Could this be my “thing to do”? Hum!

“Scanning” the sewing arena I realize this craft has taken many twists and turns. Starting as a necessity, then almost going extinct with quilting replacing it, to a burst of energy with Project Runway. If you have not discovered Craftsy you must! Brilliant idea! You buy the class and then watch it as often and for as long as you want. It is just like attending a seminar. Love it! I will end up writing many posts about sewing.

I attended my creative sewing group meeting. We are a small group that has been meeting monthly for over five years. These ladies BLOW my mind! You want to talk creative, oh my!! I have learned so much from each and everyone of them. I have watched these ladies grow in their sewing journey. Some are now selling their garments and watching them come down the runway! From this one meeting alone I left with a rug pattern I want to order and make from my scraps, a book I had to go on line and buy. In addition they told me about a fabulous famous glassblowers exhibit that I must see and I ended up with a new gym buddy! All from one meeting! These ladies are so “in the know”. This is definitely an area I will put on my possibilities list!



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  1. Please excuse the silly mistake. I started to type and accidentally hit post in a moment of distraction. I am also trying to determine what will be next in my life. I already have seen my daughter leave the nest and now I am approaching retirement. Sewing is one of my interests as well and I am not sure if that is something I will pursue. I will be interested in following where you go with that.


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