Mirror, Mirror!

Okay, I am a gym rat. I did not start out that way. Growing up I did not play any sports and I never exercised. It wasn’t until I was much older that I picked up a tennis racquet and found a gym. It has been love ever since!

When I first started working out I can remember seeing people standing in front of the mirrors on the walls and looking at themselves while they worked out. I would look at them and think, my goodness are they that into themselves or what? They must think they are the best thing since sliced bread! I just didn’t understand why they were doing that! How ignorant was that thought process?

After many years of working out at a gym I finally understand the importance of a mirror. My body is just now to the point where I can move and isolate muscles I did not even know I had when I first started working out. Without a mirror it is hard to know what you are truly doing. You may think your toe is pointed, or your arm is straight. But, until you look at your body in a mirror you do not know. It is almost like being taped while playing tennis. You feel like you are moving so fast and when you see the tape you are in s-l-o-w motion. When you take a class it is important to listen to the instructor. If they are good, they will tell you little adjustments you need to make that will change the results you get from that workout. Are your shoulders down and back? Is your chest up? How much of your body is really moving when you are lifting those weights or are you truly isolating only the muscles needed to make that movement? Without a mirror you are guessing!

So for the newbies at the gym, don’t be surprised when you see so many people staring at themselves. There really is a purpose to our madness. We are saving you a spot! But, please don’t stand directly in front of me in class because I will just have to move so I can see in the mirror. Thanks!

Hum…, maybe I should go get certified and become an instructor!


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