THIS I will do!

In one of the three books I have recently read with my new book club, it says to surround yourself with people you want to be like. Since starting my blog I have come to realize how incredible the people I surround myself with truly are. Here is another example.

A friend of mine recently turned 50. To celebrate she decided throughout  her 50th year she would perform 50 random acts of kindness. I did not know she was doing this. However, she would say things like, “I took caramel apples to the stewards”. For the longest time I did not understand why. When we celebrated her 51st she told me what she had done. How wonderful is that!

As I continue to explore what specifically I want to do during this phase of my life something dawned on me. I need to start at the end. At my funeral what do I want them to say about me? From there I will work backwards. Monetary things are nice. But, if I can make a positive impact on someone, even if only for a day, I will have achieved my goal. This week I received a random text from a good friend. She said I had stood by her side 11 years ago today during her darkest moments. She said she would be forever grateful. My response, priceless.

Random acts of kindness will be something I do, and have started to do, regardless of what I end up doing as my full time occupation. We can never have too much kindness.


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  1. I like the idea of starting at the end and thinking of how we will want to be remembered. If we can figure that out and live accordingly it seems that internal peace can be ours.

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