I tire of all the shows on television that are a “competition”.  What happen to acting?  If I want to watch a competition I will attend a sporting event.  Yet, yesterday I found myself watching, yet another, competition on television.

I promised myself I would NOT watch “Kids Baking Championship”.  I can hardly watch the adults in a kitchen competition. Well, yesterday was a snow day.  Up in my craft room I turned on the TV for some noise and ended up watching the kids baking. To my surprise,  I COULD NOT turn it off! These kids were 11 and 12 year old.  I was SO impressed!  First, these kids kept it together under amazing pressure.  They were thrown curve balls just like the adults.  They had disasters in their attempts to produce the requested product.  They did not freak out.  They simply threw the disaster away and came up with another game plan.  Second, these kids were polite.  They offered each other ingredients.  They never said a negative word about a competitor or a judge. One boy burned his hand pretty bad and decided to continue.   He only really had use of one hand after the burn. Well, when one little girl finished she rushed over to help this boy finish his stuff.  How sweet was that!   Third, these kids could bake!  They were making pies, tarts, eclairs, puffed pastry and cakes.  All from scratch! They could come up with a substitute ingredient quickly.  Fourth, they were not winers.  When one of them was eliminated there were no tears.  Only words about how proud they were of themselves for being a good baker and about how much they had learned.

You could see the innocence of the kids baking process.  They had very few doubts about themselves.  They were very passionate about baking.  When faced with a problem they did not let fear get in their way of solving their problem.  They were not worried about what the next person was doing.  They were not worried about losing.  They were simply in the moment and very passionate about their baking.  They all recognized their strengths and knew when they had messed up.

Watching this show made me realize that to really discover anything new about myself I have to peel away the layers, the years of build up.  I must take away what everyone else has told me about myself or what they have told me I should be doing.  I must get back to when I was 10 or 11 and remember what it felt like to not have those limitations.  What was I passionate about? To let creativity in, I have to tear down some walls.

I must say I do love baking because I have a real sweet tooth.  I know I don’t want to have to get up and “make the donuts”, but baking is definitely something I am keeping on my list!



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  1. Cooking shows don’t bother me but I can’t stand the other reality shows. I’m not talking about dancing or singing shows but the “other” ones. All the good quality shows have jumped to cable stations. I watch those instead

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