I love the gym!  I truly enjoy working out and I always feel so much better after I am finished.  I have been working out with a personal trainer for awhile now.  And, I am starting to really see results.  My body is changing and that is a good thing at my age!  LOL!  Not that I am THAT old, but you know.  After 30 it is work to keep everything up, tight and in shape.  I feel strongly that working out routinely is the least we can do to try to stay healthy.  Personally, I want to keep my health expenses as low as possible!

I am also a follower of fashion. Lately I have been hearing that clothing is going to have tech incorporated. (Is tech going to invade everything?) Well, I have learned of a very interesting new technology that ties biometrics to an app and in essence works like a personal trainer.   Atho is a company that has developed sensors that are put into clothing monitoring heart rate and muscle activity.  They have developed an app that shows you exactly what is happening in your muscles  while you are working out.   The app shows a picture of a body and as you workout the muscles being utilized light up. It  tells you in real time the amount of muscle intensity being used, whether the muscle is being toned or built up, which muscles you are using and if you are using them correctly. You can determine how effective your work out is.

Yes, this app is intriguing.  I would be very interested in seeing exactly what is happening in my muscles as I work out.  But whoa, you are not taking my personal trainer away!  No app will push me as hard, encourage me or laugh with me as I am struggling to complete my workout.  I enjoy tech but value personal interaction too much to think I can do this by myself with a simple app and some sensors in my clothes.  Personal trainer be gone? No thank you!

Uhm, maybe I need to start working on a fashion line for women that incorporates this new technology.  Now that sounds like something fun!



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  1. I also use a trainer, but I’m thinking of stopping. She’s soo expensive. I should be ab,eti do this by myself. Right?

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    • Cost is definitely something to think about. What I have done before is have my trainer work up a program that I can do by myself. I would work it for about two months and then have a new program worked up. This way you get their expertise and monitoring you it won’t cost a fortune.


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