Is There One in Your Neighborhood?

For the last several Sundays I have noticed a mailman in our neighborhood. He seems to stop at the same house.  Does he has a friend he is visiting? Is he using his mail truck illegally? Maybe they can use it as personal transportation on the weekends.  I am now seeing him at a few other houses. Maybe he is in training and he is just very behind and having to work overtime. I ask my husband and he is just as baffled as I. One Sunday I am in my car and I see the mail truck. I almost stopped and asked him why he is delivering and what is he delivering on Sundays. Maybe these people run a business and have a special arrangement. Hum!

Fast forward to a dinner out with my friends. We are talking, laughing and having a good time when “bingo”,  I remember!  One of these ladies is a mail carrier! So, I ask her the question, why is the mailman delivering on Sunday? You will never guess what she says. “Amazon”! Yep! They have a deal with the post office and they have to deliver the packages. If they don’t arrive in time for Saturday delivery, they go out Sunday. When you pay for that two day delivery you get it!

My friend has had a wonderful carrier as a mail carrier. Is this something I want to do? I would get holidays off. I could meet a lot of new people. No, no, no! Their uniforms would look awful on me. Just not my color!


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  1. No mail carriers in my neighbourhood. We pick up our mail at the post office.

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