I am not a golfer, but my Dad was and so is my husband.  There is nothing I love more than seeing a beautiful golf course.  They are tranquil (when you are not playing) and they make me feel at peace.  I watched the last few holes of the Master’s tournament yesterday.  Oh my goodness!  History was made!  As a mother of a 23 year old, I can’t imagine the feelings his parents must have experienced knowing their son won the tournament and made history at the age of 21 years old! How do you wrap your head around that one?

I am more interested in how that young man kept himself together so well through the entire tournament.  Where do you get that mental toughness from at the age of 21?  He only seemed to let it sink in at the last hole.  He no longer could contain his smile.  How did he do that?  I think focus had to be a large part of it.  When you focus on your goal, winning the tournament, the rest of the distractions go away. Or do they? He did pause when he heard a roar from other holes.  That, in itself, has to be unnerving.  Confidence also had to play a part.  But, where do you get that kind of confidence at the age of 21?

Well, I took that observation to the gym this morning.  One of the exercises I do is the plank.  Absolutely the best exercise for an all over body work out.  My Barre instructor’s boyfriend took a challenge last year, for charity, of a 30 minute plank.  He did a 35 minute plank.  This year he is going for a 1 hour plank!  The record is 4 hours.  Talking with my instructor she says it is simply mind over body.  She works with him while he is doing his challenge.  So, I pushed myself this morning and did a 3 minute plank!   I know, whoopee!  But, for me it was a push past my usual 2 minute plank.  I showed myself that when I make up my mind I can achieve things. Try it!

Uhm, golfing.  Maybe I should take it up!  It would give me something else to do with my husband.  No, you do not need another thing to do.  You need to eliminate stuff and focus on one or two things!  And, continue searching for what you really want to do with the rest of your life!



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  1. Yes, you are wise to focus on what you really want to do. It’s so easy, isn’t it, to get caught up in everything? My daughter took her boys to the science museum in Baltimore the other day. Talk about a plank! I got a picture of the five-year-old laying on a bed of nails. Brave little beggar that one!


  2. I too love to watch golf. You may or may not know that I am a football and basketball fan both sports which I find to be very exciting and sometimes heart-stopping when my teams are competing. But golf is completely different as a spectator sport. The settings are so serene, the announcers are calm and quiet (usually), the sport itself has a mild pace. I too watched the Master’s with amazement at what that young man was able to do, and so impressed with him in interviews. I love to work on my stitching while golf is on TV. It is calming to me.


  3. I have avoided the siren call of golf and its zen, even though I live just blocks from a decent course. Incidentally, Speith’s caddy, Michael Greller, lived in our fair city with his family. They aren’t residents, now, but Michael is going to pay a visit to help celebrate our course’s anniversary. Should be fun to get his take on the Masters.

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