Taking It To The Next Level

photo photo If you know me, you know I have a sweet tooth.  When I travel I look for two things; fabric and chocolate. Lately, I have started trying to curb the sweet tooth because I know sugar is not good for you. I have done a good job and find myself craving it less and less.  But, I have had a craving to bake!!  Okay, let’s try baking without eating it. Ha!Ha!Ha! I was recently introduced to a baking book called “Flour”. Joanne Chang has a degree in mathematics and economics from Harvard. She gave into what she truly loves and now owns bakeries in Boston. Her cookbook is wonderful! She really explains the science behind baking. Unlike savory cooking, baking is a very precise process. She writes for the home baker making things simple (as one can with this level of baking) and easy to understand. Several of her receipes are for pastries that she is well known for. Joanne had a “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” and her sticky buns won!  They start with a brioche dough.  This sounded like the receipe to start with. So today, I successfully tackled brioche. If you have never tasted brioche bread you must! It is a sweeter bread and very soft. Everything is better with brioche!  I missed the part that says “use half a brioche receipe”! So, my first batch were very large, more bready and less sweet. The second batch was perfection! The goo for this receipe is insane! I then went on to make “Brioche Au Chocolate”. I was so excited because they looked just like the picture in the book!  This is a less sweet pastry because it uses bitter sweet chocolate. I actually liked my large, less sweet buns the best! It was fun to have two different versions. I know I don’t want to get up at 3:00 each morning to “make the donuts”. But, I must admit there is something very satisfying in watching someone’s face when they take a bite of something as wonderful as a sticky bun that you worked two days on!  Words can’t describe what my house smelled like today! This is something that definitely stays on my “possibility” list!



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  1. One of the things I miss most about baking is the wonderful aroma in the kitchen. I just can’t do it anymore because I would not be able to resist eating way too much. Your brioche sounds wonderful.


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