You are born with it

During the holiday weekend I attended a baseball game. Nothing makes me feel more “patriot” than paying tribute, under the glow of field lights, to those who have and are serving our country. Especially those who are wounded. Celebrating our country’s birthday with hot dogs and fireworks is just pure American.  Thank you to all that have helped keep our country free.

Baseball games are also a great place to “people watch”.  Sitting in front of us was one family; Mom, Dad, young boy around 8 and an infant around 7 months. Next to them was a group of 4 boys sitting close to, but not with, their parents.  They were in the age group of probably 11-13 years of age. Typical boys, they were up and down, back and forth to concessions. Oh, if I could only eat like that again! One of these boys caught my attention. During a change over the music started to play. This boy had the rhythm. His shoulders started to rock, his neck and head bobbed to the music. He was grooving!  I started watching him. He then put his foot and leg up on the back of the seat in front of him. It was the way he had his leg propped up that impressed me. It was a grown up movement. Every movement he made was with confidence and communicated a strength about him.   I thought to myself, this boy either has a role model, or he just is mature beyond his age. The overall way that he handled himself said he was much older than he looked. The game started again. Good play and now he is standing up on the back of the seat in front of him. Arms go straight up in the air, “yes” he yells. I was impressed he didn’t fall off! Looking at him standing straight he had the look and build of a boy who probably was going to be  short. But watching him I felt he will makeup in “confidence” what he lacks in height. He was not coming across as arrogant. It was more that he was already comfortable in his skin and he knew who he was. He was a kid that was just “born with it”. Well, the kid next to him was impressed too. He was so well behaved, but his Mother was right on top of him. I could hear her giving him warnings about something. He never even left his seat. He watched the mature, but young boy beside him and soon he too was bobbing to the music.

And then there was the “beer guy”. “Icy cold beer! Anybody ready for it?” He definitely got my attention. After watching him perform for awhile I thought “I could do this, it would be fun!” Well, let’s think about the job qualifications. First, you have to be loud so people can hear you over the noise of the crowd. I think my voice is too soft. Second, you have to be able to carry two ice chest full of drinks and ice up and down all the stairs. I am in good shape but, I could only do that for awhile, especially in the heat. Third, you have to deal with a lot of grumpy people who want everything except what you have in your cooler. Poor guy had to make a lot of “extra”trips. I am patient but, after awhile I would be telling people to go get it themselves! The beer guy did a great job though. He stayed calm, moved quickly and acted as though he was having fun.  Fourth, you must have a personality and a presence about you that draws attention to yourself. He too, was “born with it”. Hum, I am not sure about that one. I watched him leaving the ballpark. He was drinking his own beer that he worked hard for it! He was “high fiving” everyone on his way out.

Well, I thought maybe I had found “it”. That thing I want to do. But no, I don’t think being a beer girl at the ballpark is quite what I have in mind. I will just keep going back to people watch and maybe catch a little bit of the game while I am at it!


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