Remember my post I wrote on making sticky buns? I finally made it up to Boston and guess what is there? Flour Bakery and Cafe!

The trip to Boston was to celebrate a “big number” birthday for my husband. He is a real lover of history and this city is full of it. I highly recommend a tour company named “Boston by Foot”. Our tour guide, Mike, was really good. He told “the story” of Boston up to the Revolutionary War. It is funny how we are taught and we read so many things in the history books that are not quiet the way it happened, like Paul Revere. His descendants still live in Boston. It is also interesting to learn about events and to realize that major things happened in history that were not intended to go as far as they did or the intent was not even close to how it played out, like the Lexington and Concord battles. Truly a fascinating city.

We finally made our way to Flour Bakery. It turns out that it was literally around the corner from our hotel. Is this a good thing? How do I describe a bakery with a James Beard finalist as it’s Pastry Chief? When you walk in, we went mid morning, it feels like Boston. Although the decor is urban, sleek and totally opposite the red brick buildings and cobblestone roads outside, the energy is Boston. Tons of people in line and everyone is moving very fast. No one is lingering at the pastry counter admiring the works of art. Well, I don’t count. Everyone knows what they want and they order very quickly. Tables are hard to find and if you have an extra chair at your table someone will quickly ask for it. The next time I will be bold and say “yes, we are using that chair. My purse is sitting in it”. It is my turn to order. Of course I order a sticky bun even though I normally never have a “sweet breakfast”.

It is comparison time! How close did we come to making a sticky bun taste like Ms. Chang’s? Hers are beautiful.
Unfortunately, my good friend I made the sticky buns with is not on this trip. I really need her to help with this analysis. But first, pictures have to be taken and texted to her, as she is anxiously waiting to hear all about it. Jealous I ask? Oh yes, very! People are looking at me, I am sure. Really? Pictures of a pastry? You just don’t understand. The first bite. Nuts, warm, sweet and balanced. Our buns tasted stronger of bread at the first bite. These have a warm topping but not a warm bread. Warming lights? They are sweet but not so much that I felt ill after the first bite or two. No, I did not finish the whole thing. Well, not then. They were incredible! How did our home baked buns compare? I must say I am impressed with how close we came. After all, it is her recipe! Hers are very balanced in flavor and I am not sure we mastered that. I am so excited that I just want to run home and make them again. I hope Bostonians know what they have at this bakery. She has pastries that you normally don’t find. The texture of her bread is perfection. If I lived here I would be in really big trouble. On a later visit I order a piece of lemon meringue pie. OMG is all I can say! Lemon popped in my mouth. The meringue was a mile high and toasted to a beautiful brown. When you cut into it there was no sticking to the fork. You know what I am talking about! Sometimes meringue comes totally off the pie. And it had flavor! Best pie ever!

I have eaten all I can and have loaded up with other items to eat later at the hotel. As we are walking out to leave, something catches my eye. There is a sign on the door that reads “help wanted”! Are you kidding me? Really? Can we move to Boston, please?                           imageimage


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