My youngest daughter was involved with modeling and films for a very brief time.  She landed an “extra” part in a film that ended up going to Sundance. The Casting Director has a school that teaches a variety of classes for up and coming actors.  He brings in special photographers for head shots or special talent for training sessions.  In addition, he is very active in casting for local shoots and some big time movies.  I am still on his email list.  Every week or so he sends out an update of current activities and he includes any casting opportunities.

Last week, I opened his email and read about an opportunity for a Walmart commercial, perhaps a speaking part.  They emphasized this is for real people, just sitting around the table talking about real things.  If cast, you will get paid.  This is different.  Usually it is for “extras”.  I read the requirements for submissions and for WHATEVER REASON I decide to send in a picture.  Won’t hurt, right? Very shortly afterward I am notified that they want me to audition.  Okay!

The location for this audition is a two hour drive.  Not bad, I can do that.  So, I drive and mentally review how we are probably going to be talking about how we like and shop at Walmart.  Or maybe we are just going to “get to know each other”.  I arrive a little early and sit in my car for a bit.  The place is hopping.  Lots of people going in and out,  old, young, dressed up, some are carrying head shots and just normal looking people like me.  It is time, so I enter the school and get registered. I am told to go on back to the room.  I enter with three other ladies.   There are two young girls sitting at a table with a camera.  They greet us and are very smiley and act happy to see us.  They proceed to “slate us”.  We have to identify ourselves and give our height.  We are instructed to sit down at this small four topper table with paper plates sitting in the middle.  They then tell us, ” okay, you are all good friends sitting around talking and having a good time.  You  had a party last year and one of you was thrown into the pool. Go!” Wait a second!!  Time out!!!  You said this was “normal people talking about normal things”.  You want me to ACT? I am sure the look on my face was “priceless”!  Ha! Ha!

The other three ladies decide I was the one that got thrown into the pool last year.  I start the conversation by asking what we are having for dinner.  They then proceed to ask me these, I think ridiculous, questions that gives me nothing to play off of.  “Did your phone get wet when you got thrown in?” “Were you cold because you were totally submerged?”  “Was it the bloody marys you drank?” I had to think really fast and come up with responses. I started to give them some really stupid answers to their stupid questions!  It is not that I felt my responses were bad.  It was more that he whole conversation had an awkward flow to it, one that I would never normally be having.  We had no rhythm going and we certainly did not have any chemistry.  The two young girls call “time” and we finished the conversation.  The look on their faces was hysterical!  To me they were communicating to us, “why did you waste our time?  You have GOT TO BE kidding!”  I just wanted to laugh!  I wanted to ask them if we could please do this over!  However, I am not sure it would have been much better.

Leaving the room I thought “now that is a phone call or email that I will NOT be getting”!  And of course, I checked my phone a million times that day.  But, there was no phone call or email, surprise!  So, I do not believe acting is in my future.  But, you never know until you try something, right?


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