Now that was a wedding!

It has been a crazy, busy and fun month! Lots of things I need to catch you up on. Let’s start with THE WEDDING.

My sister’s son has dated his now wife for over five years. They have been engaged for one year. They have done everything right, I feel. They both finished college and got their own careers started. I have always told my daughters to not hurry marriage. You have to experience life and be able to stand on your own two feet to have anything to bring to a marriage. Obviously you don’t have to do it that way, but it helps!

Wedding day. My sister told me the church did not allow any flowers or decorations. When we entered the church I immediately understood. It was beyond amazing in beauty and detail! You could spend hours just walking around and looking at the architecture and beautiful carvings. The ceremony was perfect. Not too long and not too short. Afterwards we gathered in front of the church for a group picture. As we were all crunched together, using our best poses, all of a sudden, out of nowhere it begins to lightly snow! Unbelievable! Just like a fairy tale. And then it stops as soon as the photographer session was over. I believe all the family that could not be with us were sending their blessings!

Reception. We drive to The Manor. It is a beautiful venue with an almost Southern feel to it. I had been told there would be food, unbelievable food, unbelievable amounts of food. I can’t even describe it! We walk in and it is cocktail hour. There is an open bar and then the food starts. Everywhere you look there is beautiful, delicious looking food. Pastas, seafoods, carving stations, cheese, fruit, sushi, breads, appetizers. And then they are passing food on silver trays! There was nothing you could have wanted that was not there.  Afterward,  we were escorted into the main room. The tables were beyond beautiful.! Everyone had a place card at a table. There was a DJ who immediately started the music and gets everyone dancing. Then the bride and groom are announced and have the first dance. The  traditional parents dance takes place. Everything moves along like clockwork. After the formalities the DJ once again gets everyone dancing.  Then everyone sits for dinner.  While being served, I notice that the  waitstaff are wearing white gloves! Oh my! Talk about feeling special!  The food is incredible and again we do not leave the table hungry.   The DJ gets everyone dancing again. Tables are cleared  without us noticing and pre-dessert is served. The music stops, we sit and eat again. We are served a plate with three small desserts. Then the DJ gets us dancing again. They quickly move on to cutting the cake and very quickly we are served coffee and cake. And then the dancing starts again.

What made this wedding reception so nice was you felt like you were dancing all night long because you were quickly, elegantly and quietly being led through all activites. You never stopped and felt like you were waiting or trying to find something to do. And everyone did the same thing at the same time without being told. It was run like a well oiled machine. Such a lesson to be taken away when planning a wedding!

So the bride and groom rushed off to their honeymoon, right? Wrong! My nephew is in the Academy to become a State Trooper. He comes home only on the weekends. He had to leave at 3:00  a.m. the following morning to be back to the Academy on time. How sad is that! This young man has already served in Afganistan.  The training he is going through is unbelievably difficult. The class has lost 50-60 people from injury or illness. It is tough! I have a new admiration for State Trooopers!

This couple will make it. They have already tested the relationship with hardships such as deployment. How many brides are willing to wake up the day after the wedding and not have their new husband with them?  They are both dedicated to taking care of others. I am so excited for them!

Wedding planners. Now that is something I would consider doing. How fun would that be? Yea, might be a little stressful. I will put it on my “maybe list”.






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  1. My dearest sister! Wow very nicely done!!! But please don’t forget that on that incredible evening many “miracles” happened. !!! My sisters got to see my husbands family, visa versa, then we all got to know the brides family. THEN not to mention we sisters, got to dance together! Oh sooooo much fun!!! THAT WAS SO AMAZING TO ME….and I just wanted it to gone on forever…..I’ll always cherish that moment. And unbelievably it was the VERY first time My husband and I ever danced together either slow or crazy style!!!! The photo booth was the bomb and that evening was amazing. The snow was the gift to us all from our mom and dad and all of the other angels in the heavens that wanted to be there with us. I love you.

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  2. Thank you.
    My son was married this pasted June. Terrific. Love my new daughter! c


  3. As I was reading your blog it took me back to that magical night! What fun we had and to see those beautiful young people off to start their new life, well…..tears of joy! To be with my sisters again is always too much fun and we had such a great time dancing! The sudden snow wad a wonderful sign to let us know our love ones were there !! Lol

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