Color outside the box

Life is taking me on another “zig” and I am LOVING it! I have found myself being thrown into the local food scene and it is amazing!

Cooking is something I have always enjoyed. When I was in high school I remember making pickles. Who makes pickles in high school? And my Mother (great cook that she is) was not into the canning or pickling scene. So don’t ask me where my desire to make pickles came from, because I have no idea! College came along and my best friend was a great cook. However, we only had a one top burner to cook from so omelets were about all I remember cooking. Along came husband and children. My cooking was fast, easy and cheap. Any creative aspects were used in my sewing room. Fast forward a decade or so. I woke up one morning and realized my cooking was so boring I did not even want to do it anymore. Well, that was not going to work so I had to fix it.

Fate comes along and now I am working with and exposed to “professional” cooks. Oh my, game changer! They have lit a “fire” under me and I can’t soak it up fast enough. Whatever I can do to be around these people and this environment I will do. They are having so much fun coloring outside the box. They have learned and practiced the fundamentals (which I am still learning) and are now “blowing up” the food scene. One chef travels the world, as in truly travels the world and comes back to teach ethic cooking. She shares everything she has learned. Her pantry is stocked with products and spices she has gotten in her travels. She will bring cheese from Rome and share with her class. How lucky are those students? You can call her from the grocery store and she will pick up the phone and answer your question. Rare, rare gem she is. Another chef started at the local farmer’s market and jumped on a leap of faith to open a very successful “farm to table” restaurant. To watch her cook is like watching an artist at work. The facial expressions showing approval or disapproval of her creation. Watching her go back and forth to add more layers to get the final taste she is after. And then to taste her creation is like biting into a little piece of heaven. Yum! The gentleman I am working for colors not outside the lines but the entire book! He just decided one day to open a restaurant knowing not one thing about it. End result, one of the top restaurants in town! And now he has branched out and is doing things with the local food scene that few people have even thought about doing. Brilliant!! Food trucks. Who would have thought some of the most wonderful food and eating experiences would come out of a truck? Is this why dining rooms are vanishing? I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman that owns a food truck and has started a food park. He is having more fun creating and trying “whatever”. And everyone loves his “whatever”.

I am so excited to be on this new “zig”. The world of professional chefs and entrepreneurs is so interesting to observe. When asked if the glass is half empty or half full, one response was “it is a hell of a glass”. They work really, really hard at their trade and they always learn from each other. They are excited and passionate about what they do. And, they don’t have any lines to confine them.

Oh, to be at the level they are! Probably won’t happen because I am starting a little late. But, this is something I am definitely going to stay involved with as long they they will have me! Now it is time to get my Crayons out and start coloring!



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  1. Glad you’re enjoying it.


  2. FYI — there is a food truck at the Aspen/Snowmass area mountains; MID-mountain, not just sitting on a parking lot or street! Brilliant “coloring outside of the lines” right there. Took his show on the road……well done!


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