You read my mind

I was ahead of the trends and did not realize it. Secretly, the idea of sitting down with a coloring book and a brand new box of crayons was on my top list of things to do. As a child there was nothing more delightful than receiving a new box of beautiful crayons. The tips were all perfect. The smell was so familiar. The colors would always bring a smile to my face. Who has the wonderful job of naming a color? Where do they come up with the names? Do they get to pick any name they want or is there a big committee that meets to approve or disapprove?

Well, to sit down with a coloring book at my age seemed a little childish. Then I started seeing these adult coloring books, very elaborate and detailed. They are in all kind of stores! They are even in my knitting shop. What is the deal I wondered? While getting my hair done last week the mystery was revealed! A  customer was talking about how she had started a “coloring group” that even has a Facebook page. “Cray cray and Chardonnay” is the name. One requirement is you drink wine. They meet randomly and spontaneously. She went on about how much fun they had drinking, laughing and coloring. Now, I don’t know if they use color pencils or crayons. Apparently, this concept is sweeping the nation! So, I finally picked up and looked through one of these books. It had pictures of quilts. Apparently, you color according to what you are thinking of using for your quilt. It is a type of inspiration board. And I am all into inspiration boards! Love them!

I think this is a fabulous idea! Oh to be able to legally pull out and color with a new box of crayons! I promise to not get too sad when they transform into a box of stubby and broken pieces of color. Everyone needs a reason to explore their inner creativity. I think I want to start my own group. Who wants to join? One requirement, you must color “outside the lines”!



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  1. I have been having the same thoughts! My Grandmother recently gave me 2 adult coloring books with some markers & colored pencils but with a one year old who doesn’t seem to sleep, I haven’t had much time to dedicate to coloring, let alone start an adult coloring group. I’m rambling now, but for sure a great idea!


    • We went to an art museum and I broke down and bought one also; The Secret Garden. Bought a box of pencils but need that big box of 64 color Crayons! Haha! That sweet child will be ready to color with Mom before you know it! Thanks for visiting!


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